Why Being an Actor Makes Me a Better Coach

I was talking to someone the other day that was horrified that I was combining my acting website with my coaching, therapy and workshop website.

“Wouldn’t they be concerned that you’re an actor? That you’re faking it..pretending?”

Fair question from the uninitiated, I thought.

And who knows, if you’re reading this you too may be questioning my authenticity. And I hope you would. You need to trust someone to have a transformational relationship!

What is coaching?

A relationship that provides a strategic container for a client to challenge themselves and achieve what they want in life. What does that client really want for themselves, and what resources do they already have within them and externally, and what do they need to acquire?

What is therapy?

A therapeutic relationship that provides a safe space for people to understand themselves, heal and develop strategies to improve their well being.

What is acting?

Acting is understanding relationships. The relationship a character has to his or herself, the world and others. When you create a character, you are delving deep into your own inner world, without judgement. You’re endeavouring to understand what makes that character do the things they do. You even love the characters that seem ‘evil’ to others. In a nutshell it’s about what makes that character flawed, human, and relatable.

The circumstances may be make believe, but the emotional connection, the internal exploration, the empathy and the willingness to be vulnerable is about as real as it gets.

As a coach, therapist and workshop facilitator I must hold myself accountable to provide the best for my clients. It means a great deal of, at times confronting, self awareness.

Being an actor, I am able to inhabit parts of my being that most people would rather ignore. It means being incredibly vulnerable at times. This gives me such sensitivity towards others who are struggling with parts of themselves they would rather forget.

I can’t extrapolate or separate any of my work.

It’s all about what it means to be authentic

It’s all about what it means to be vulnerable

It’s all about relationship

It’s all about what it means to step up into your power

It’s all about what meaning you make of your (or your character’s) life

It’s all about being human