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Come on a journey with me

What if you could create a life that fulfils? What if you could feel uplifted and secure in yourself? What if that was a natural way of being for you?

Create more joy, more purpose and more passion!

Structured or Flexible Packages to Suit You!

Some issues require structure and education as part of the care plan. Other sessions can be fluid and intuitive. Let me create something that works for you!

See the upcoming structured packages below…

Lift Depression Fast – Coming soon


This programme will give you evidence based strategies and tools to overcome depression.

Over a period of 6-12 weeks we will work together to enable you to take back control of your emotional and mental well being.

Please get in touch to go on the waitlist for when enrolment is open! Starting April 2021.


Through evidence based education – taken from psychology and applied neuroscience -you will easily be able to understand the cycle of depression and how the role of sleep, emotional regulation and human needs create nervous exhaustion. This gives you clear strategies to improve it!

Structured Intervention

Through our sessions we will create a personalised, structured programme, including recordings and activities to support your progress at your own pace

Emotional Updating

Take control of your emotional well being. Create more confidence in your capacity to achieve what you want in life.

“Rebecca is such an amazing coach. I was quite unhappy, stuck in a rut and wanted a better life. She helped me understand my worth and learn how to allow myself to do amazing things. The previously [scarily] blank canvas of my future is now full of excitement and joy. I highly recommend Rebecca’s coaching to anyone seeking direction in their lives.”

Jill Nightingale

you are enough – coming soon


Low self esteem robs you of the confidence to step into the life you really want. I want you to be able to genuinely feel comfortable in your own skin. I want you to shine.

Over a 12 week period we will work together to develop a deeper understanding of what genuine low self esteem is and go through a practical and evidence based programme to get you there.

Please get in touch to go on the waitlist and be informed as soon as enrolment is open. Planned for June 2021.


You will understand what low self esteem really is and where it comes from. You’ll learn where your sense of self comes from.

Structured Intervention

Through our sessions and carefully selected audio hypnosis recordings, you will more easily absorb and integrate powerful new behavioural patterns and helpful mental strategies.

Emotional Updating

Through this process you will begin to experience healthy self esteem as completely natural to you! You will think and act as a person who knows and values their own true worth.

I am very choosy about who I trust — but Rebecca has been a safe place for me to explore my inner world and change what I need to get the results I want.”

Joanne Popp

Let’s create a future that is confident and thriving!

Emotional health is the springboard to a fulfilling life!