What Others Say

Lovely words from some of my past clients.


Sharing the Love

Here’s just a small selection of what some past clients have had to say about working with me…

I came to see Rebecca because I was feeling overwhelmed and negative at times. I wanted to find ways to improve my thoughts and mood. I had tried so much in the past – CBT, relaxation and other therapies but nothing had worked. I’d been searching for years and spent thousands, yet never achieved what I wanted. I have now – in just 6 sessions with Rebecca.

After our first session I felt a real change – far calmer and relaxed. Rebecca taught me tools which empowered me to continue changes between sessions. I knew I found exactly what I’d been looking for!

I developed a real understanding of my behaviours and how easy it was to change them. I was told in the past it would be hard to change them, would take so much time – yet it’s happened with so much ease and grace.

I’ve achieved a considerable reduction in anxiety and overthinking. My relationships, especially my marriage, have improved so much.

I’ve finally found my life’s purpose and I’m ready to go out there without hesitation. It’s what I’ve been looking for all my life! I’m exactly where I need to be and life is only going to improve.

I had a dream of this abundant amazing life – but I thought it wasn’t achievable. Now I know I can have it – and I’m achieving it.

Through our work together, I finally realise there is no limitation.

I wouldn’t have believed I’d be writing a testimonial like this before – but now it’s happened I want to tell everyone!

I highly recommend Rebecca – the results I’ve had with her are incredible!

Rebecca gave me the gift of believing in me, until I could believe in myself. I am very choosy about who I trust – but Rebecca has been a safe place for me to explore my inner world and change what I need to get the results I want. Something about her gives you the freedom to reach deeper and let go of that which holds you back. Also, as a colleague, I watched Rebecca create that same space for others in workshops and I received the same feedback from clients I referred to her. Rebecca sees beneath the mask and consistently gets to the heart of the matter, shifting conflicts within a matter of a couple of sentences. I call her ‘the voice’ as her voice always brings me back to my truth and reminds me to relax. Rebecca has a profound ability to allow you to find the power within yourself and create more freedom in your life!

With a natural kindness and knowledge gained from many years of experience, Rebecca helped me understand myself better and push through a tough situation.

I have spent years of my life feeling unworthy of love. Thinking that to find love I had to earn it. After 2 marriages and many failed relationships – I was left flat – what is wrong with me?

After sessions with Rebecca I came to understand that I was only attracting men who were unavailable and unable to love me the way I wanted and needed – because of how I felt deep down. I learnt skills that built my self esteem. I realised that unless I was to find a genuine man who could love me unconditionally and as I am, I would remain single. I set goals so I knew I would not be lead astray and waste time on the wrong guy.

I am now in a very loving relationship with a genuine man. I do not have to work at being loved. I found a man with compatible interests and zeal for life. I am so loved and in love! I could shout to the heavens!

Thank you so much!

A month ago I was blinded by anxiety and at my wits end with it, having tried unsuccessfully to manage it myself with exercise and self-help books.

So I thought I’d try hypnotherapy and went to see Rebecca with an open mind, a willingness to be honest and a strong motivation to change. I haven’t looked back.

Rebecca has used a combination of NLP, hypnotherapy and just plain old talking to bring about a profound change in my anxiety.

My anxiety levels were reduced right down on the first day and since then we’ve identified and worked on the issues that have been underlying my fears, so that now I am free of unwanted and irrational anxiety entirely.

Honestly, that mind cluttering, oppressive blanket of doom has been lifted and it’s a huge relief! This isn’t stage show hypnosis trickery; Rebecca provides a rounded and comprehensive approach to therapy on many levels which is really impressive, and importantly works! And quickly.

So, even if you’re a bit of a sceptic like I was but need help, I encourage you to give Becs a call and have a chat. That’ll be the first step to freedom! Good luck.

Rebecca is such an amazing coach. I was quite unhappy, stuck in a rut and wanted a better life. She helped me understand my worth and learn how to allow myself to do amazing things. The previously [scarily] blank canvas of my future is now full of excitement and joy. I highly recommend Rebecca’s coaching to anyone seeking direction in their lives.

I have always been intrigued about the hypnotherapy and at a time in my life when I found myself at rock bottom suffering with huge amounts of stress, anxiety and confidence issues from workplace bullying, I decided to give it a try.

From my first session with Rebecca I was transformed and ecstatic with the results. Over time she helped me let go of the stress anxiety and build on my confidence to the point that I am the happiest I have ever been in my life.

I feel stronger, more grounded and happier within myself, I have so much more direction for my future as well as plenty of useful tools to help keep me on track. Rebecca is such a beautiful and calm person inside and out and I connected with and trusted her immediately. I have recommended her to many of my friends and family who also received great results.

My experience of coaching with Rebecca has been incredible. I worked with her on some business challenges and she helped shift some limiting beliefs I had, which has helped me step up more and close more clients. I chose Rebecca as a coach because I sensed her wealth of knowledge and experience and also how much she cares about people. She has an amazing ability to draw out deep truths within you that you can’t see yourself and help you see things from a different and empowering perspective. She is an excellent listener and uses wisdom from her own personal experience, as well as her coaching clients and what she has learned through her decades of life and work experience and education. I would definitely recommend Rebecca if you are looking for a coach who can ignite change – whether that’s in your career, relationship, health, emotions, spirituality or mindset. She gets a 10/10 from me. Kat Millar Owner: Get Results Training

So what do you do when you have found yourself, or so you thought, after years of Self Discovery? This course, that book, this therapist, reading all the info on the net, doing body work, group work, meditation etc etc.. Living life’s challenges and then realising…is this all there is??? I wanted more to my life, I wanted aliveness not the mundane, I really wanted to be living life to the full. That is where I was when I started with Rebecca. Where to from here? Ditch everything??? Start Again??? No! Use the foundations to balance you as you create your future self out of all those aspects and learnings that brought you JOY. What a ride, What an exciting adventure. I hIghly recommend Rebecca’s expertise in what she does………. She’s Life Changing………….

I feel so much lighter! Just like that, in one session Rebecca helped me transform an age old anchor stuck energy that was heavy dark & rough into a fluttering of bright golden effervescent wings! She is generous of spirit, listens intently & has such a warm bright nurturative feeling to her coaching style. Thanks Rebecca for helping me face life’s new directions with an affirmative decision & an inspired heart. I am so grateful for your time, energy & expertise!

Rebecca is such an understanding, gentle and wise soul. She went above and beyond our deal in helping me get through some tough issues,. I have since treasured the recordings of our sessions and played them hundreds of times. It took time for my healing but I can say now I am through the woods and feel so much better for it, Thanks Bec ox

Nearly three years ago I had a couple of sessions with Rebecca in regards to quitting smoking. I had been smoking since I was 12 and never thought I’d give up EVER, as I had tried many many times before without success. I also saw Rebecca in regards to my Son Reece who had passed away and the guilt I felt with his death. Rebecca is not only a caring compassionate soul but a beautiful lady inside and out. With out her help I would still be smoking and dealing with the guilt and pain of Reece’s death.

I have given up smoking as of the 18th May 2015. I didn’t think the treatment had worked and had a puff on a smoke and was nearly sick and haven’t touched one since. The guilt I felt over Reece has gone and I can now let the happiness of my son surround me not his passing. I still feel sad some days but I know I did all I could and I was the best me I could be.

Rebecca I’m truly grateful for everything you have done for me and wouldn’t hesitate to ask you for help if I ever need it again Xox

I am very grateful for the safe and supportive environment you create. Through our various sessions you have helped me to explore some very deep emotional issues and given me effective tools to help resolve those issues. Some old issues were the triggers for my reactions to dairy and through the process I found that my reactions to shellfish were also resolved. Now there is nothing I can’t eat. Thank you for all your help.

Firstly, we found Rebecca to be very personable and enjoyable company. We were extremely impressed with her demeanour and, perhaps more importantly, with her vast knowledge and experience.
Our sessions were very productive and effective.
After the sessions that we had with Rebecca, we can honestly and sincerely recommend her service.

When I committed to attending the 6 Week Women’s Coaching Circle with Rebecca I wasn’t sure what I was going to be part of but was ready to discover new ways to grow and learn. Thanks to Bec’s open and organic style of guiding our sessions, I have felt comfortable to open up to a small group of strangers. We have all been ‘raw and real’ with our feelings. We have laughed and cried and come to know our own and each other’s passions and pitfalls.

Bec has shared her wealth of experience and knowledge and has introduced us to new ways of thinking and responding to others. In the process I have had quite a few lightbulb moments which have resonated with me. I have learned how to identify what gives me joy and how to prioritise joy before jobs. I have learned not to seek approval outside myself and to be clear on what I will accept from others. I am learning to love myself and know I have all the approval, security and control I need within myself. I am responsible for my own happiness … no one else is. I am not responsible for how someone else feels. We all choose our responses to each and every situation.

Thank you Bec for guiding us through the sessions and sharing your knowledge and experience with us. I know I have a better sense of who I am and what gives me joy. I am better equipped to respond rather than react to others. I cannot recommend this coaching experience with Rebecca highly enough to others also considering a path to personal growth.

Let’s create a future that is confident and thriving!

Emotional health is the springboard to a fulfilling life!