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Changing Familiar Relationships

It’s often stated that opposites attract – and perhaps there is some truth in that – particularly when you look at the polarity of masculine and feminine energies. But when you keep ending up in the same kind of relationship with a different person it’s because there is something familiar – or even familial – …

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Why Being an Actor Makes Me a Better Coach

I was talking to someone the other day that was horrified that I was combining my acting website with my coaching, therapy and workshop website. “Wouldn’t they be concerned that you’re an actor? That you’re faking it..pretending?” Fair question from the uninitiated, I thought. And who knows, if you’re reading this you too may be …

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The Word ‘Depression’

Depression used to be called ‘Nervous Exhaustion’. I think that is a way more apt term for it. When you think of the word depression – what comes to mind? To me it’s not really that descriptive – it doesn’t really describe the whole reality. It’s a dent left by something. It’s a feeling of …

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