Rebecca Saunders Smith

“My joy is in finding the humanity in each character’s story and bringing it to life authentically – as part of a team. Story reminds us we’re not alone, it moves, shakes and connects us, story is life.”


Rebecca appeared in numerous theatre productions in New Zealand, was a regular in an Australian tv drama series (E Street) and had a main role in a feature film (Queen City Rocker), before leaving the arts to travel the world and work in humanitarian aid and counselling in prisons. A transformation coach and therapist she realised her passion for creating characters remained so she returned to her acting career recently. Since then she has worked on a number of short films (including award winning Wireless) and a number of indie features.

Rebecca studies her craft to find ways to bring authenticity into her roles. Training with people like Jeff Seymour (The Real Life Actor); Greg Apps and the Perdekamp Emotional Method has shaped her into a highly intuitive actor who’s not afraid to experiment. She brings her vast life experience and understanding of psychology into her roles, allowing her to access depths of character freely. Known for her contagious laugh, she brings professionalism, flexibility and humour onto any set.

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Scene Reel 2021

A collection of moments from a variety of characters

“Rebecca gave her full being to the character ‘Diana’, frankly, becoming the character, living and breathing her, and the result was just phenomenal.”

Jesse L Sutherland, Writer & Director

Currently seen in

Latest Appearances

“Miss Adams” for Mother’s Day

Writer and Director: KODY BRAMHALL

A grieving mother enlists a troubled young woman to pretend to be her deceased daughter in “Miss Adams”. Playing the title role, Rebecca was thrilled to create something moving for Mother’s Day with a young team she has been working with over the last year.

Starring in short thriller

Writer and Director: KODY BRAMHALL

After years of psychological torment, an oppressed woman must find the strength within herself, to break free from her abusive partner. “Eloise” was a semi finalist in the Short + Sweet Gold Coast Festival.

“Diana” coming soon

Writer and Director: JESSE L SUTHERLAND

In 2019, Rebecca had the incredible opportunity to work on project about a homeless woman with mental health issues. The director was mentored by KiYong Park and the project was done in his improvisational style. It will be released in August 2021.

‘Wireless’ Winning on Festival Circuit

Writer and Director: CRISS GIDASS

‘Wireless’ has made the official selections at many worldwide film festivals. It won Best Drama Short at Redwood Shorts & Scripts and Best Narrative Film at Top Shorts along with other awards and selections. Well done to Criss Gidas and our Team!

Feature image for the short film called Mum

Starring in short horror

Writer and Director: KODY BRAMHALL

‘When an enslaved teenager’s only connection to humanity is taken away, she must confront her psychotic captor, her own Mum, to gain freedom and escape a world of torture. Playing MUM is an actor’s dream – to change size, voice and to craft a character so out of touch with reality has been a liberating challenge.

Feature image for the film called The Lost One

Playing Jordan in indie feature “The Lost One”

Writer and Director: DAMIAN HUSSEY

Auditioning for another role, Rebecca was instead offered the role of Jordan and jumped at the chance to get glammed up and play a flirty, giggly woman on a date. Light relief and much fun on set!

“Rebecca is an energetic personality, and she took every aspect of her role seriously, but also was able to have fun with her character and this made her an absolute asset on set.”

Wayne McPhee, Writer & Director

Head Shots

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Actor headshot image for Rebecca Saunders-Smith
Actor headshot image for Rebecca Saunders-Smith

Character Shots

Character shot of Rebecca Saunders-Smith as a Surgeon
Character shot of Rebecca Saunders-Smith as a Cop
Character shot of Rebecca Saunders-Smith in period piece
Composite character shots of Rebecca Saunders-Smith in various roles
Character shot of Rebecca Saunders-Smith as an Investigator
Character shot of Rebecca Saunders-Smith in the short film called Mum

“Rebecca’s dedication to her roles is absolutely phenomenal, no matter what part she’s playing. This all makes her a star on screen and an undeniable force.”

Criss Gidas, Writer & Director

Contact Rebecca’s Agent

Agent: PaulNewlands
Phone: 0421 839 244