Emotional health for creative people

Creating Calm, Confidence and Clarity

Have you tried so many ways to create positive change in your life? Only to go backwards or ‘sabotage’ your success? What if you could create more clarity, a healthier emotional life and the confidence to pursue your dreams?

Hi, I’m Rebecca

I am a transformational coach, therapist and … an actor! I act too because I realised through my coaching others – that following your dreams not only creates fulfillment, it also causes a ripple effect of confidence, joy and passion in every area of your life – and it’s a reminder that it’s never too late!

Using evidence based tools we can work together to reverse limiting beliefs, create new behavioural patterns and release blockages to create a greater sense of emotional well being and enable you to follow your dreams too.

I use the benefits of a unique combination of modalities, tailoring sessions to your needs and desired outcomes. I can also teach you practical, lifelong skills so that you’re empowered to help yourself.

“My experience of coaching with Rebecca has been incredible. I worked with her on some business challenges and she helped shift some limiting beliefs I had, which has helped me step up more and close more clients.”

Kat Millar

What if you could create a future you love…loving not just what you are doing, but also who you are being…?

If you…

are a creative who finds yourself sabotaging your progress

are craving more fulfillment and creativity

want to know how to consistently feel better

find that you’re holding yourself back from being who you want to be

know there is more to you than what you’re doing

want to let go of destructive habits and behaviours

want more love in your life

love learning and personal growth

are over feeling anxious, depressed and not good enough

Imagine letting go of the stress and old behaviours that keep you stuck! Imagine learning how to create more calm and focus in your life, so that you can be free to enjoy your life more…

Close up image of a woman's eye depicting clarity

Create Clarity

Understanding who you are and what you truly want from life gives you focus and crystal clarity. Understanding your well being, and how to take care of it, empowers you.

Image of a woman in a Yoga pose depicting calm

Create Calm

Learning to let go of anxiety and depression. Reconnecting with the wonderful resources you already have within you. Letting go of the merry go round of nervous exhaustion.

Image of a man doing a one handed hand stand depicting confidence

Create Confidence

Combing aligned action, with clarity and calm, helps you to grow your confidence daily. Learn evidence based neuroscience strategies for motivation, ‘aha’ moments and accessing flow states

“Rebecca gave me the gift of believing in me, until I could believe in myself. I am very choosy about who I trust — but Rebecca has been a safe place for me to explore my inner world and change what I need to get the results I want.”

Joanne Popp

Let’s create a future that is confident and thriving!

Emotional health is the springboard to a fulfilling life!

Emotional health for creatives

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