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I'm Rebecca - Transformation Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Actor

If you:

* are a creative who finds yourself sabotaging your progress
* are craving more fulfillment and creativity
* are an actor struggling with confidence
* find that you’re holding yourself back from being who you want to be
* know there is more to you than what you’re doing
* are ready to step up and step out
* want more love in your life
* love learning and personal growth
* are ready to move from striving to thriving

contact me now to book a free 30 minute session to see how we could create a future you that is confident and thriving!


I was feeling overwhelmed and negative at times. I had tried so much in the past – CBT, relaxation and other therapies but nothing had worked. I’d been searching for years and spent thousands, yet never achieved what I wanted. I have now – in just 6 sessions with Rebecca.

After our first session I felt a real change – far calmer and relaxed. Rebecca taught me tools which empowered me to continue changes between sessions.  I developed a real understanding of my behaviours and how easy it was to change them. I was told in the past it would be hard to change them – yet it’s happened with so much ease and grace.

I’ve reduced anxiety and overthinking. My relationships,  especially my marriage, have improved so much. I’ve finally found my life’s purpose and I’m ready to go out there without hesitation.  It’s what I’ve been looking for all my life!

I had a dream of this abundant, amazing life – but I thought it wasn’t achievable. Now I know I can have it – and I’m achieving it. Through our work together,  I finally released my limitations. I highly recommend Rebecca – the results I’ve had with her are incredible!

Catherine Padman

Early Childhood Teacher

My experience of coaching with Rebecca has been incredible. I worked with her on some business challenges and she helped shift some limiting beliefs I had, which has helped me step up more and close more clients. I chose Rebecca as a coach because I sensed her wealth of knowledge and experience and also how much she cares about people. She has an amazing ability to draw out deep truths within you that you can’t see yourself and help you see things from a different and empowering perspective. She is an excellent listener and uses wisdom from her own personal experience, as well as her coaching clients and what she has learned through her decades of life and work experience and education. I would definitely recommend Rebecca if you are looking for a coach who can ignite change – whether that’s in your career, relationship, health, emotions, spirituality or mindset. She gets a 10/10 from me!

Kat Millar

Owner, Get Results Training

Rebecca gave me the gift of believing in me, until I could believe in myself. I am very choosey about who I trust – but Rebecca has been a safe place for me to explore my inner world and change what I need to get the results I want. Something about her gives you the freedom to reach deeper and let go of that which holds you back. Also, as a colleague, I watched Rebecca create that same space for others in workshops and I received the same feedback from clients I referred to her. Rebecca sees beneath the mask and consistently gets to the heart of the matter,  shifting conflicts within a matter of a couple of sentences. I call her ‘the voice’ as her voice always brings me back to my truth and reminds me to relax. Rebecca has a profound ability to allow you to find the power within yourself and create more freedom in your life!


Joanne Popp

Brand Ambassador, Store Manager, Taking Shape

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